Hinting On Mere Pass Tum Hu ‘s Last Episode

Ifra Abbas

Ifra Abbas

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The most acclaimed drama Mere Pass Tum hu has been on the highest trending number on YouTube and has made waves on the social media. From people comparing it to the reality around us and their personal lives, to coming up with hilarious memes with every episode, this drama has been talk of the town!


The impactful drama is coming to an end with its second last episode to be aired this Saturday, we have picked up hints for what the last episode will be like.

The promo of the upcoming last two episodes seem to be very intense and we think the end might not be a happy fairy tale but be a rush of emotions for every character.

Three word have been highlighted in the promo and we think the climax will be revolving around them!

The first word that came up with Ayeza Khan was ‘Regret’. The second word that came up with Adnan Siddiqui was ‘Forgiveness’. The third and the last word was ‘Decision’ which featured both Hira Mani and Humayun Saeed.

We are equally excited to see these last two episodes and see how the director will make the story unfold with each character.

Here is a link to the promo:

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