Faisal Kapadia’s Live Sessions On Instagram Are Healing our Hearts!



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Instagram’s option of live streaming is being used by members of our showbiz, politicians, bloggers and musicians. What we have been lately obsessed with is Faisal Kapadia’s live sessions. What a treat! He recently did one with Abida Parveen, and we cannot have enough of it. Her melodious voice had us all teary!

Faisal Kapadia almost cried while she sang ‘Ranjish hee sahi’ and we do not blame him. Abida Jee’s voice has the power to move your soul.

We had a little dose of laughter as well when Faisal asked her if she ever wishes to eat Gol Gappa’s and Ice cream. Abida Jee then told us about her ice cream dream and what a heartfelt moment it was.

He also showed us a video clip of Abida Jee performing in her youth. What a beauty back then and now.

This doesn’t end here. Faisal Kapadia also did a live session with Ali Sethi and sung some Hindi Melodies. Exactly what our souls needed during this hard time.

Listening to “Chandni Raat” in Kapadias’s voice was a delight.

Hansal Mehta talked about the fact that Art is a healer and should not be used in the Pak-Indo rivalry.

Let’s hope these live sessions aren’t only limited to the lockdown and we get treated by these after the lockdown ends too! A little melody once in a while is all we need to ensure our mental sanity. For sure music is an art and Pakistan is blessed with some fascinating artists.
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By: Dua Ahsan