Decluttering our lives,our shelves,our wardrobes and our phones!

Mahrang Anwer

Mahrang Anwer

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Decluttering is a term almost unknown to us. Born into the heart of Capitalism, it is a condition to consume. The next best phone, the 20th pair of jeans and the newly released book. Just so it could sit on the shelf while we read the review on our phones anyway.

Consumption has become second nature to us and we have never known any other way of living. What we break our backs to earn, must be spent! While our purchases are running out of space, we must still buy so we have this temporary sense of belonging to our fellow influencers and bloggers.

clutterWhile the buying is done to fit into the limited spaces. We probably are always going back and forth with our iphone’s screaming ‘memory full, please delete old media’

And what perfect time to realise the cleaning has to be done in our self created consumerist worlds along with the usual chores.

Let’s start with the wardrobes


Taking a moment to realise that fashion is wounded and gasping for breath. International speculations suggest that fashion might be taking the year off. A much needed break! We haven’t worn our previous summer pieces enough and this might be the chance to improvise.

The book shelf

shelvesIt will always be great to hoard books, but it is also necessary to realise that hoarding is not the only thing we are doing. Now that you have the time, organise your book shelves. Select out a book from each genre and dust it off. Brew up a coffee, sit back and read. It is the simple secret to transcendence!

Decluttering Our Homes

bathroomThe kitchen has all those extra ingredients we don’t use at all. The living room has those crystals we despise. The bathroom has those beauty products we never quite liked. Taking the blessing of time. Let’s pass these unnecessary products onto someone who might actually use them. More space to breathe and think, isn’t there?

Decluttering our dear phones

phoneThis one is an SOS situation. Open your photo libraries, go a thousand years back and start deleting those unnecessary screenshots and 20 different versions of the same selfie. Delete the apps you never use. Clear out the history. Delete the sponsored messages. Let technology catch it’s breath too.

Waiting all week for the weekend to arrive so we could declutter and then for another and another till the piles we too big and the clutter was too deep to even start. Bestowed with the blessing of time, what better time to start than now?