5 best stalls at Daachi 2019!

Mahrang Anwer

Mahrang Anwer

Ever since its foundation in 2010, Daachi has been an arts and crafts favourite in Lahore, people wait for its commencement all year every year and take a lot of interest in all the locally produced goods and initiatives. The model town community centre is bustling with warm hearted people enjoying good food and all the variety of impeccable local products.

These unique crafts exhibited at Daachi are a result of tireless amounts of hours and years of practicing to perfect their respective skills and end products.

We’ve shortlisted some of our favourite stalls that would add a diverse flavour to your personal Daachi collections.

  1. Grey scale

Interestingly artistic concrete compositions made in variable sizes to give an aesthetic flavour to our mundane work stations and window panes. The fluid grey of the concrete against the organic indoor plants could be considered the best thing that could happen to our work station sculptures. Daachi 2019 grey scales concrete clocks

concrete skull flower pot daachi 2019

concrete flower pot cactus daachi 2019

face flower pots concrete daachi 2019


2. Braen Candy

Uncut, healing stones from Maldives, Kazakhstan, Iran and multiple local vendors at Braen Candy would be the right choice for all the individuals struck by the mercury retrograde this horoscope season. Apart from the obvious healing powers, these stones are breathtaking and exquisitely raw and would be a beautiful addition to your minimal jewelry collection.

raw cut stones daachi 2019 braen candy

daachi 2019 braen candy earrings

raw stones daachi 2019

raw cut daachi 2019 baren candy


3. Avant- Garde Home

This hand made rug company has a highly complicated and lengthy process but the end results are extremely easy on the eyes. These rugs are washable, light weight, hand woven and can be customised as well. If you are looking for an affordably cohesive fix for your living spaces, look no further. Jaffar Khalid takes all the sustainable steps to keep the rug making tradition alive with this venture.

hand woven carpets daachi 2019

4. Tahir Mahmood

An interestingly Mondrian ensemble of Mortar and Pestles, these minimal creations are extremely modern and functional. From mini dressers, lamps, cloth hangers and spinning tops, one must stop and appreciate the effort Tahir puts into making mundane everyday objects so aesthetically pleasing and effortless.

 green mortar pestle daachi 2019

dresser with mirror daachi 2019

minimal clothe hangers daachi 2019

5. Paper Talks

The art of Kusudama Origami encapsulated in contrasting frames and backgrounds is the serves as the right mix of oriental patterns and contemporary compositions for your grey walls that need some cultural oomph.

origami oriental patterns

oriental patterns daachi 2019

daachi 2019

Daachi has been providing a platform to local vendors to showcase their talents and has been supporting small industries for a decade now. Take a trip down Daachi lane and support the effort put forth by your community, Niche assures you, you wont be disappointed.