Six times female celebrities clapped back at trolls

It’s 2021 and women are done letting misogynists get away with being disrespectful

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal

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It’s incredibly difficult to navigate online spaces as a woman in this age, because every single aspect of your personality is brought under the microscope by men who won’t stop at undermining your existence with harassment, stalking and sending hateful comments. Now women have began to prove that they won’t allow anyone’s opinion to stop them from living their life according their own choice, or dressing up the way they want. And these women below are fighting the good fight for all women by sending powerful responses to trolls attempting to silence them

  1. Meesha Shafi has been carrying the industry of clap backs on her back for the longest time, since men have been trying for too long to silence her through intimidation but she’s carried through gracefully like the queen she is. Here is her schooling a man for dismissing women who courageously come forward against harassment and abuse of power

2. Some trolls tried to age shame Iffat Omar and Ayesha Omar after they posted a picture of themselves at a party, and actress Nausheen Shah criticized them for assuming that ageing was something to be embarrassed about. After all, age is just a number and has never stopped Ayesha from being the graceful icon she is!

3. Another troll decided that calling Syra Yousef a “maid” would be quite hilarious, and she clapped back by reminding them that there’s no shame in that profession

4. Or the time when trolls harassed Alizeh Shah for wearing a tank top in a music video, and Momina Mustehsan came to her defense by criticizing anyone who stops women from expressing their individuality

5. Brown is beautiful and Zarnish Khan aptly shut down a troll who tried to shame her for her brown skin

6. Armeena Khan had a message for all the victim blamers who were placing the entire responsibility of harassment and rape upon the victims, by aptly emphasizing that it’s no woman’s responsibility to mold herself in a way to stop abuse from occurring but it is our job to stop aggressors from exploiting their power!