Now you can get vaccinated for COVID-19 privately

Government has allowed for the vaccine to be available for commercial sale for those who can afford it




As per latest developments, you can now get vaccinated for Covid-19 privately. The vaccine is available for commercial sale for those who can afford to pay, making Pakistan one of the first countries to allow the import and selling of COVID-19 vaccines, raising concerns about access inequality.

On March 18, Ali Gohar Pharmaceutical (AGP), a private pharmaceutical company, imported a total of 50,000 doses of the Sputnik V vaccine into Karachi. The firm has distributed the doses to private hospitals.

 The vaccine is available at the Orthopaedic and Medical Institute (OMI), South City Hospital and Shaukat Kahnum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre, for now.

Orthopaedic and Medical Institute (OMI)

At this hospital, you will need to get an appointment for vaccination.

Upon reaching the adult vaccination center you can give your appointment details at the registration desk.

The Sputnik V shot is available for Rs12,000 at OMI.

South City Hospital

The vaccine is available at South City Hospital for Rs12,268 for two doses.

You are required to buy both doses to make sure your second dose is booked. The second dose is then injected 21 days later.

Shaukat Kahnum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre

The Centre has been approved by the Government of Pakistan to administer Covid-19 vaccine to all eligible adults at prices set by the official regulator.

You can register for the vaccine by filling in this form.

National Health Services (NHS) Secretary Aamir Ashraf Khawaja, has said the government allowed private imports so those segments which were not part of the government’s priority vaccination campaign could be catered to.

“It was a well concerned decision of the federal government to allow the private sector to import vaccine as the national vaccination priorities favoured the healthcare workers and the elderly, involving some lag in reaching other segments of the society.”