4 Reasons Why 7th Sky Entertainment’s Super Hit ‘Khaie’ Is a Case Study for the Drama Industry to Follow

7th Sky Entertainment’s “Khaie” continues to keep us on our toes with its riveting revenge narratives. Here are 4 reasons why it is quite likely a case study for the drama industry to follow.




portrays the ancient tradition of eradicating the male members of an enemy’s family to end their lineage. The story revolves around revenge, a reign of terror, and the blurring of lines in the ‘good vs. evil’ saga amidst conspiracies and violence.

Khaie has undeniably dominated our television screens, from its niche genre to its execution, intricately woven characters, impactful dialogues, cinematography, and locations that few can rival, it has all culminated in an impeccable viewing experience. One that leaves us hooked on the drama. While we mourn over Badal’s sacrifice, Bareera’s gruesome death, and reflect on the conclusion of Barlas and Apana’s love story, as well as Channar Khan’s current state and what fate awaits Zamdaa, here’s why “Khaie” is easily becoming a case study for the drama industry, breaking through the content clutter in Pakistani dramas with its riveting tale of survival and revenge.

Saqlain Abbas is the credited writer for the drama and it is directed by Syed Wajahat Hussain. Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi have taken on the role of producers under the banner of 7th Sky Entertainment. The ensemble cast features prominent actors such as Faysal Quraishi portraying ChannarKhan, Durefishan Saleem as Zamdaa, Khalid Butt as DuraabKhan, Noor ul Hassan as Darwesh, Uzma Hassan as Gul Wareen, Laila Wasti as Bareera, Osama Tahir as Badal, ShujaAsad as Barlas, Mah-e-Nur Haider as Apana, Shamyl Khan as Gulab Khan, Hina Bayat as Bakhtawar, Saba Faisal as HusnBano, Javed Jamal as Badshah Khan, Nabeel Zuberi as Pamir, and Hassan Noman as Shanawar.

1. Complex Characters Executed with Precision

Each of the characters is shrouded in complex layers, possessing different sides, intricacies, and nuances that leave you in awe of how well they are performed. Duraab remained lethal and on the hunt until his deathbed, despite being outmaneuvered by Zamdaa. The late icon Khalid Ahmed Butt, portrayed Duraab Khan, which was a character that deeply gripped audiences with his performance. Channar Khan, played by Faysal Qureshi, is a character who has been immaculately written and portrayed. Despite the violence and his flaws, his conviction and portrayal are so strong that we are inevitably drawn to empathize with him, despite his injustices.

While Bareera (Laila Wasti) might have initially appeared as the demure, scared, and reclusive first wife of Channar Khan, we are also taken along as she rebels against the family in hiding and supports Zamdaa. Barlas (Shuja Asad), though Channar Khan’s son, harbored many secrets from his family, was in love with Apana, and committed the act of killing Pamir Khan. Nevertheless, he succeeded in having audiences root for the realization of his love story.

Gul Wareen, played by Uzma Hassan, had us hooked on the character. She didn’t rise to dominance simply through her love for Channar Khan, but rather through her devious strategies, one of which involved harming Bareera’s unborn child. Badal, portrayed by Osama Tahir, was initially shown as the shy, peace-loving fiancé ready to support Zamdaathrough life, but he took a dark turn, risking his life to achieve Khaie for Zamdaa.

2. Redefined Traditional & Even Modern Interpretations of Female Heroines

Yes, we relentlessly demand heroines who are not damsels in distress, and Zamdaa gave us more than that. She has been the one who set ablaze the lives of her family’s murderers. As a heroine, Zamdaa has been intelligent, sharply calculative, and instilled fear in her opponents. Despite being surrounded by powerful men and women in a predominantly tribal setup, she literally knocked them all down like chess pieces. The drama has undoubtedly revolutionized the portrayal of female heroines in Pakistani dramas, shattering all stereotypes and redefining the traditional and modern interpretations of them.

3. Unprecedented, Changed Narratives & Challenged Audience Expectations (Yet Not Undermining Their Intelligence)

As an industry still relatively new to the genre of revenge mystery/thrillers, it would be natural to assume that we might not have mastered it, or that the delivery would be quite predictable… or so we thought until we delved deep into the world of Khaie.

With each twist and turn, the drama has presented us with surprises we least expected. In a move unprecedented, it changed narratives and challenged audience expectations. It’s worth noting that the drama did not underestimate its audience; instead, it went a step further to keep us on our toes. We initially imagined the cliché of Badaal and Zamdaa living happily ever after, but to our surprise, it shocked us with a twist: she willingly and knowingly sacrificed Badaal. Was he merely a pawn in her game?

Even when she broke down in despair, we thought she might genuinely be losing hope, but it turned out it was all a guise, a pretense, and she was actually growing stronger in her resolve. It was all part of her plan.

4. A Focused Approach, Justice To The Genre

Amidst the thrilling, nail-biting suspense and brutality, every murder, each move, step, and scene was crafted with absolute intelligence, with a script that propels Pakistani dramas light years ahead.

The makers have taken a focused approach, and their commitment to doing justice to the genre has made it a case study for the industry to follow. Given the very many dramas’ tendency to adopt a “jack of all trades, master of none” approach by incorporating elements such as thrill, suspense, comedy, and romance all into the mix, viewers are often left confused about what they are truly watching. In an era where dramas often juggle multiple narratives simultaneously, losing audience engagement, “Khaie” has steadfastly focused on one aspect: revenge and thrill. It’s no wonder why it has kept us hooked.

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