Mufti Menk preaches religion-life balance, after follower criticizes him for having fun



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Zimbabwean Islamic scholar Mufti Ismail Menk recently made a legit post preaching religion-life balance while responding to a hater, which has all our attention.

The Mufti posted a picture while enjoying water sports in London with his family. The picture looked like Menk was really enjoying, but strangely that didn’t settle well with some of his followers. They criticized Menk for being a Sheikh and yet “wasting time” in fun activities instead of giving more time and working for the Ummah (the Muslim community).

Responding to one such comment, which claimed the scholar was not a “real Sheikh” for having fun, Menk responded in his own humble way on how the correct way to live is to create a balance between life and religion.

 The Mufti also emphasized the importance of community-building and care for one’s family in Sunnah, “A few minutes spent every year doesn’t determine the genuineness or not of a person. Rasulallah (Prophet Muhammad) also engaged in many recreative activities with his family. We must be balanced. Our children and family members have a right over us. Concern for the Ummah is only possible if you have concern for your own family first.” he wrote.

Other Twitter users also supported the Mufti in his view.