Khalil ur Rehman has some unsolicited advice for Pakistan’s women, PM and religious experts



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Khalil ur Rehman recently appeared in an interview with host Sami Ibrahim on Bol TV where, among other things  he seemed to be eager to give out unsolicited advice to Pakistan’s women, PM and religious experts.

In what seemed to be a series of assumptions and subsequent conclusions, Mr. Qamar in all his maleness first declared (without having asked any woman in sight) that the women who march for womens’ rights do it for the purpose of roaming around naked on streets. Next, he claimed that these desirous-of-running-around-naked women do not represent the average woman of Pakistan. The average woman, he claimed, wants to take off her shoe and hit these women marchers with it. In an impassioned manner, he claimed that “it is high time” that the average woman takes off her shoe and slam it on the faces of women who participate in marches pertaining to womens’ rights. Such women he claimed are ’employees’ with an agenda.

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Next, he also had some advise for the standing Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan, saying Khan Sahab “yeh waqt hai samjh jaane ka, keh ap ek aisa nizam create kar sakeyn jis main aurat poori azaadi keh sath kaam kar sakey”. He further added, that PM should let the marchers do whatever they want, saying “they are employees diligently performing their duties” whose disadvantage is solely coming in the share of what KRQ claimed to be his “achi aurat”.


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Religious clerics of the country also came under the shadow of Khalil ur Rehman’s musings as he suggested that out of all things that are currently happening in Pakistan including murders, rapes, child trafficking, and high-level corruption, women who march for their rights are going against our religion and its requirements.

What are your thoughts on Khalil ur Rehman Qamar and his many ideas and opinions? Let us know in the comments below.