Khalil Ur Rehman is Trending Again For All The Wrong Reasons!



Khalil Ur Rehman

Just when we thought the dust had settled from the previous Khalil Ur Rehman controversies, we are hit with a new and rather a shocking one once again.

On a live talk show held on a local news channel the writer of popular drama serial Mere Paas Tum Ho swore at a fellow female guest, Marvi Sarmid who happens to be a well-known feminist, activist and analyst. He blatantly abused her on air, causing massive outrage among the audience especially when he showed no remorse whatsoever.

Watch the clip from the show below in Marvi’s Tweet.

Here is what the Twitterati are saying:

Many celebrities like Mahira Khan, Sanam Saeed and Sherry Rehman have also expressed their disappointment and disapproval of Khalil Ur Rehman’s behavior via Tweets!

However some people are also supporting the writer leaving Twitter divided and starting a war between the fans and those who do not support the ideologies of Khalil Ur Rehman! Here’s what they had to say in support of him:

Khalil Ur Rehman has been under frequent limelight for landing himself in hot waters as a consequence of making uncalled for misogynist and insensitive views and statements!

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