Jibran Nasir clarifies the misinformation surrounding Sunita Masih and proves that its a false story

The lawyer and activist took to Twitter to clarify the news as misinformation with proof

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal

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Lawyer and activist Jibran Nasir took to social media to clarify that the recent news surrounding the rape and torture of Christian girl Sunita Masih, by sharing credible resources that proved that it was a fake story. On Twitter, Jibran Nasir where he pointed out that the accident was reported to have taken place in Faisalabad, but the police unit had denied that such an incident had occurred and also pointed to Sukkur where the police unit had also denied the news:

Both Sukkur & Faisalabad Police denied that any incident of rape which was being shared online under name of #SunitaMasih. First it was claimed incident happened in Faislabad, once police denied it was reported it happened in Sukkur, police denied again”

In his next tweet, Jibran Nasir also shared that the account that has posted this story had also shared pictures of burnt bodies of Hindu children and claimed that it was done by Muslim men, and this story had circulated widely in the Indian media. He also tagged the news account Daily Scoop who had posted this evidence in their clip:

“Last year, Austin shared pictures of burnt corpses of 3 Hindu children who died in a fire in Ghotki district, insinuating they were victims of an arson attack by Muslims. The news was also false and was still widely shared in Indian Media”

Lastly, Jibran Nasir tagged the twitter account Rahat Austin which was responsible for spreading fake news about Sunita Masih and criticized it for spreading fake news which could damage causes and cases of rape and sexual assualt. He urged other followers to be more aware of the news they receive online and be sure that it is from a credible source:

“This account needs to be reported for spreading sensationalism and fake news. Such irresponsible tweets damage cause & cases of real victims of rape, sexual violence or hate crimes. This account has also tweeted fake news in the past.”