Hamza Abbassi reflects on the Islamic law that allows four marriages

The actor said that there was a lot of misinformation spread about this islamic ruling so it needs to be clarified

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal

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Hamza Abbassi sat down for an interview with The Epic Show where the topic around the Islamic law that allows both men and women to marry four times came up. The actor specified that the ayat that has proclaimed this has also laid down the circumstances in which four marriages are allowed, in order to clear up a lot of the misunderstanding that has been built up with this concept. He pointed out that this ayat came out after the Battle of Uhad, when many women were left widowed and children became orphans and there were no social institutions that could take care of them:

““The Ayah about four marriages in Islam has come under specific extraordinary conditions. I think the Ayah came after War of Uhad when the women and children were despondent on streets and there were no social institutions to look after them”.

Hamza Abbassi then elaborated that the ayah has called upon men to take care of these women and their children by marrying them in order to save them from the war and homelessness. He also further pointed out that the ayat requires men to only marry when they can ensure proper justice and equality to all of their wives, but since that is unlikely so they must only remain married once.

You can listen to his complete answer below:


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