End religious bigotry: Muskan reminds us of every person’s right to their own religious beliefs



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Recently, a video of a young college-going girl fearlessly standing up against a mob of religious extremists for heckling her for practicing her own religious values, has gone viral over social media.

The student #Muskan who stood her ground against the jeers, taunts and screams of saffron-clad students in #Karnataka for wearing her hijab, has taken over the internet.

Muskan has quickly risen as a symbol of resistance in both Pakistan and India. The internet has been appreciating her for her unflinching determination and bravery to stand up for her right to hold her own faith and religious values, spurring countless videos, portraits and images.

Amidst an environment of religious intolerance and crimes in the name of religion taking place at the hands of radical elements from both sides of the border, both Pakistanis and Indians have extended appreciation, solidarity and support to the young girl.

Moreover, the incident has sparked debate over womens’ rights to hold their own personal religious views, beliefs and sentiments and their right to freely practice their beliefs and ideals- whether it be in the form of dress, behaviour or any other way!