Zaheer & gang kidnapped Dua Zehra & planned to sell her: Iqrar ul Hassan



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Pakistani journalist Iqrar ul Hassan claims that Zaheer and his gang kidnapped Dua Zehra & planned to sell her off to other human trafficking gangs.

The TV presenter recorded a video on the second day of Eid, claiming one by one he would present all the evidence to prove his allegations against Zaheer.

Sharing his findings he said Dua Zehra was kidnapped, is currently being held hostage and the only reason she has not been sold off to other human trafficking gang until now is the public hue and cry created by the minor’s parents. This is also why Zaheer has temporarily kept her in his home as his wife for now.

Hassan claimed he had come to this conclusion after probing into the matter for the past two months or so which is when he realized that the Dua Zehra case is not as straightforward as it was being made out to be.

He said earlier his sympathies too were tilted towards Dua and Zaheer, but he said unfortunately history is filled with cases where men like Zaheer exploit girls like Dua making false promises through phone calls and social media and afterwards sell those same girls from from one gang to another.