Why does moral policing follow every award show?

Female celebrities mainly fall prey to faceless keyboard warriors




Judging female celebrities based on the sartorial choices they make has become a norm. From commenting on their outfits for their honeymoons to reputed award ceremonies-female celebrities bear the brunt of making harmless personal choices. Recently we saw how Minal Khan was bashed and made a meme of for wearing a certain dress to her honeymoon, soon after we see the LSA’s happening which continued the shameless act of commenting and bashing women for the fashion choices they made on the show.

Actress Mansha Pasha who was seen hosting the event tweets to shed light on this issue. “Every award show ends with a slew of sermonizing comments under the photos of all female celebrities making character judgments about how good or bad she is based on her outfit. Honestly this is the real superficiality. Judging a persons inner nature based on an outfit choice.”

Mansha further adds “If you think verbal abuse (well intended or justified in your minds perhaps) makes you a good person, please check again.”


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Mira Sethi also took to Instagram to make it loud and clear that she isnt dressing for anyone but herself. “It’s always fascinating to see trolls go nuts under photos of public-facing women in dresses or costumes or anything the trolls deem “vulgar.”

“Go home. I don’t dress for you,” she further added. “I don’t dress for anyone or anything other than my own sense of joy and play and expansion. The men of this country are obsessed with policing women, constantly defining their ‘honour’ in relation to women’s bodies and clothing and appearance. It is a small minded, decayed, hateful thing to do. You want to disempower us because a deep part of you is hurting and angry. I get it. It’s societal and it is ugly.”

The LSA’s weren’t the first award show of the year that followed this hateful moral policing, the HUM Style Awards that took place a few months ago faced the same reaction with many celebrities joining the bandwagon.

While people may argue that an event made for public consumption is bound to receive feedback, it needs to be emphasized how feedback is different from moral-abusing and bashing the celebrities morality based on the fashion choices they make. Its high time, we need to stop shaming women for what they wear.