Why were we finding it hard to find ‘Style’ at HUM Style Awards?

The event took place in Lahore

Abiya Manzoor

Abiya Manzoor

Fashion Editor
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Midsummer Chaos? An apt way to put all that went down yesterday at the HUM Style Awards. While people may have been awarded for their style, the event couldn’t live up to the name. Is it too much to ask for some hip and fun on an event that basically rewards the most stylish? We think not!
Regardless, we attempt to give our two cents and put forth our hit and miss-HUM Style Awards Edition.
Sonya Hussyn
Looks like a page stripped from Deepika Padukone’s Style book but we’re not complaining. Sonya opts to wear a neon pant-suit with a silver bustier.

Ayesha Omar
Had it been someone else, we might have called the look a miss but she really pulls it together. However, being the style icon that she is we were definitely expecting more. Ayesha opted to wear Zamanay.

Maya Ali
Well played fella! Maya opts to go all black at the HUM Style Awards as she wears an asymmetrical dress with a sleek ponytail.

Sunil Nawab
Matching Separates- a definite yes! Playing with the it’ Summer color of the season.

Urwa Hocane
Too safe! Don’t get us wrong, she looks pretty but that’s about it. We would have preferred if she took some risks and had some fun with her sartorial choices.

Adnan Siddique
We’re all for pastel suits and chunky sneakers (minus the pocket square). He doesn’t really disappoint us ever, does he?

Nausheen Shah
Not a killer look but we can’t say that she doesn’t look good. The fit is immaculate and so is the silhouette.

Alizeh Shah
Nay! We love a woman with a watch but the dress…meh.

Shamoon Ismail
His attitude carries the look but the look in itself doesn’t do justice to the attitude.

Aima Baig
Too Ariana Grande for us! The makeup however is on point….Thank you next!

Amar Khan
The color really doesn’t do much for the look, however the hair and the minimal jewelry do make a statement.

Straight out of Beauty and the beast! But Belle are you talking fashion?

Bilal Ashraf
Too safe for someone who wins the best styled man, we’re still waiting for something more experimental and risky from his side.