Weekoscopes with Tarot De Raiinè (28.Feb.2021 to 7.Mar.2021)



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We all have to deal with emotional losses. But why take them to our hearts? It’s an emotion akin to feeling happy, excited, or nervous? Do we go out of our ways to internalize them? I don’t think so, Aries. This week, let go of whatever refuses to work for you. If the entire plan is not going according to you, then a minor portion will. Whatever belongs to the past, needs to remain there. Just a question, does revisiting your past so religiously, pay your bills? Nahhhhhh. Let’s get all our self help books out and bathe in a little Self Love. Also, we know how terrible your partner has been, some of these counterparts of our lives must be treated like clothes, change them when they start to stink. NEXT!

Cosmos says-the glass is not half empty, it’s half full.


Look at you Taurus, starting something new with all your heart? We love this vibe around you. You are emotional, and what a sight this is. You are one of the most resolute of Zodiacs we have and seeing you all soft and marshmallow, damnnn our hearts melt. You might be starting a new project or feel interested about something you haven’t for a long time. Hmmmmmmm, the phone calls to your support system to discuss this new shenanigan of yours, we are not going unnoticed sweetlings! Hope finally makes it through your week, Taurus. Whatever you have an your partner have seen in these past few days, their sudden interest in your new look, shall make you smile ear to ear. Awwwwwww, we love this freshness about you.

Cosmos says-Open your heart to love and the entire World bows down to you.


Ohhhhhh dear, Gemini. Tired? Exhausted? DEAD? We know sweety, we know. But this is it. No more troubles after this. Pinky promise! You are immobile due to mental pressures seen over the past few days. Whatever has gone, was meant to go. The thing that has exited in your life, had run its natural course. And so it did. Just when you yelled about how you couldn’t take it any longer, The universe yelled back at the Dark lords to stop their evil stares at you. This week, is all about endings of mental worries and the Sun rising to give you hope. Just make sure you don’t ACTUALLY end up with back pains. Just beware, people around you may go behind your back and play that little dirty game of back stabbing. We don’t know the fascination of belittling someone. Urghhhhhh some people just simply need a smack, with a fist, on their face.

Cosmos say-There is always light at the end of the tunnel.


Past and the fragments reminiscent of childhood shall embrace your week, Cancer. You are our emotional friend out of the 12 Constellations sweety. And we adore you. Old friends you haven’t met, family, relatives and let’s not forget the Ex’s (who apparently are never there when we actually want them) shall show up in some way or the other. Do you like the feeling of going to your grand mum and she stuffs you with all the fruit and butter dipped dishes? We’re totally NOT mentioning the calories here, but the feeling of being taken care whole heartedly is unparalleled. This week, feelings of nostalgia is out there to grasp you. Get the fire pot simmering, and the fitters frying, this mother daughter duo is on to some gossip! Let’s include all our friends who are our uncrowned therapists and mommies! High five.

Cosmos Says-Old is Gold!


You are stronger than you think. Internal problems might irritate you a tad, but you’d sail through easily, Leo! There’s regality and royal-ness about you. This composure and demeanor of poise around you shall help you thrive this week. You can kill a them with honey, then why use your sword?😈. There may be encounters where your jaws would tighten and fists would clinch, but we see you remaining calm in this chaos. Even if those who are envious of you attack you without you knowing, you’ll remain one step ahead of them. They can’t bring you down. With relation to others, with inclusion of your partners, learn to say NO. One rejection and refusal saves you from a million uncomfortable Yes’s. Don’t let them cross your boundaries.

Cosmos says-Hit the iron when it’s Hot!


Passion and love, we choose these words for your week. You’d be doing what you love with those you get along with. Let’s be honest, we just love the art of getting ready but not actually going out and meeting people. But then this group of yours is all about social media, and you have to show your new outfit to the Ex who stalks you shamelessly! Winks! There is a probability of starting a hobby and educating most of your time on making this thing work, Virgo. Time with partners shall be excellent? It’s like your two souls with one body. Aren’t you luckyyyyy? Woot woot. In case of any interference which is obviously unwanted, just let this week pass. It won’t stay for long.

Cosmos Says-The Universe attracts souls just like a moth to the flame.


Fresh starts and new beginnings. We love receiving this card for you. This week, you might embark on a journey to the unknown. You don’t know what will happen, but jumping right on it, Libra. Sometimes the unknown paths lead to the most beautiful places. Just don’t take uneducated guesses and risks. Wisdom of the ancestors may come in handy. You’re all about change sweety, and this is what you are getting! You might end up asking for some advice from those who have gone through this already. This big decision must take in considerations of importance, and blind walking might get a little childish, Libra!

Cosmos Says-Paths untraveled often lead to the most beautiful places.


New, new, new. We loveeee this new energy darling. You might have been anticipating a job offer or an up-gradation of your salary, and this week that announcement shall be made. Is that your email notification? We wonder whose sending it? Plans that haven’t been put in place since a few days, shall finally be outlined. The blueprint of what needs to be done, shall be ready for you. The amount of efforts you have put in this, shall finally begin to reward you. Wait a second, let’s not jump to giving out treats. Sometimes the celebration of getting rewards is beyond the material amount we get. Eye roll alert! Now that you know what you have designed can be proceeded with, this week a new found trust is what you shall proceed with. Chose to invest in your business and in fact in YOU this time. Break a leg, Scorpio!

Cosmos says-You get what you give out.


This hormonal jumping is getting the best of you. It’s okay, Sagittarius! None of us know what is going to happen next. None of us have our sh** together. Trust us, we are all pretending to know it. There is no point in excluding yourself and telling that only your life is messed up. Trust us, we are all just faking on social media. Crying with a tub of ice cream with Netflix is our jam. (Our weighing machine hates us, it’s like at this point, it hisses at us). This week, there will something off about something. You wouldn’t know what it actually is, but you just don’t get the vibe. Say thank you to your gut. Not being told the truth only comes off right now, this illusion shall really break by the end of the week, Sagittarius. Buckle up.

Cosmos says-Your visions and dreams are not pointless.


Feeling abandoned our lovely Capricorn? It’s okayyyyyyy! We have all bee there. You are kept out from the loop and you don’t like it. You might ask for help and the fear of being rejected, may not be well taken at your part. Financial stress is slightly probable. You have bills to pay, but those who have to pay you, are no where near in sight. This might give you anxiety and depression, but cmonnnn-it’s just 7 days of the week. Can we just point out here, that there is help ready to knock your door. Why exactly aren’t you taking g it? Yes yes, tell us your excuse? If you feel your partner isn’t giving you enough time, then just let it pass. They’ll come around.

Cosmos says-When one door closes, another opens.


We all hate this waiting game. And we know you are a little tired of analysing the rewards. Giving so much to a project and then not getting much out of it, an absolute filthy game life plays with us. It’s time to take a pause and check how far you’ve come. Well by the way, you might notice that you actually have come a long way. A directional change may be on your mind given the last few days have been all that fruitful. The agony though. It’s ridiculous. Whenever you think back Aquarius, never think you made a wrong decision. Our life is deeply inter connected and each step leads to another. We might term it as a failure, but success is made of the stair case with a thousand of tiny detours and failures.

Cosmos says-Life is rewarding you on it’s on divine time.

Pisces ♥️

These petty arguments are disgusting. Your friends or those uninvited family meme ears, or their unwelcome opinions shall welcome your week. These things can easily be avoided if you don’t let them get to you. But if you decide to answer everyone with a mouth, you wouldn’t have time for yourself. They are just machines of stupidity, do you really think you can beat them at their own game. Why get dirty with those who actually thrive in dirt. If you want a “YES” in acknowledgement of people being unfair, then you have our back. We agree fully. This conflict might be temporary. Experiencing dirty games from people is something you can’t control. But choose to stay out of this drama is your own choice.

Cosmos says-Choose your battles.