Ushna Shah speaks up against mob justice & collective bullying




Actor Ushna Shah speaks up against mob justice & collective bullying in an online post, warning against situations where people form a mob and take the law into their own hands, acting as accusers and the judge and resort to endless punishment and bullying.

‘It is not for myself or for the online mob to “forgive” for nothing was done to us. I simply won’t become a part of mob-justice for I have seen it end a life’, she wrote. The actor clarified that although she is stands in solidarity with female victims, she is against ‘bullying, ostracizing and leading people into a state of irreparable despair’.

Sharing a picture with actor Feroze Khan who is currently fighting domestic abuse charges in court, Ushna writes “We are in an age where it is our duty to stand in solidarity with fellow women, that might make men guilty until proven innocent, and that might seem unfair, but that’s the price they now pay for what we have endured since the dawn of mankind. This solidarity does not entitle us to punish until there is nothing left to do but mourn the accused.”

Referring to the death of Pakistani politician and TV host Aamir Liaquat, Ushna wrote “Those who took it upon themselves to punish, troll and bully have blood on their hands. It is a guilt that cannot be erased, but can surely be learnt from.”