Everything in our society has double standards for women & men: Ushna Shah




The multi-talented actress Ushna Shah is winning hearts with her latest appearance in an  interview with Mira Sethi where she talks about her take on feminism, professionalism and the limited range of roles available for actresses in the Pakistan TV industry.

Upon being asked by Mira what Ushna Shah  thinks about people referring to her as a ‘bold’ actress, Ushna replied “I think when people call me bold, it’s just simply very silly because it can have so many meanings, whether it’s about being too risqué or the fact that when I speak, I don’t sugarcoat my words for the sake of other people”.

Talking about the issues associated with being a part of the image industry, Ushna said “It’s just not sexy to be vocal”…its better to be a “blank canvas” onto which people can project their opinions, desires and ideas. Mira added that for this one needs to be more “diplomatic and more chameleon-like”. Ushna further added that people are less likely to take an actor’s work seriously if they dislike their opinions.

As the interview progressed the two joked about the culture of actors appearing late for shoots, and the hassle that both had to go through at the start of their careers because of their punctual habits.

Talking about the limited choice of acting roles available for women in Pakistani dramas, Ushna expressed her boredom with playing the same sad and depressed women over and over again saying, “I’m a proud feminist, always will be and am also happy to hear there are many men out there, or the ones I know, who call themselves pro-feminism. I’ve been in the industry for seven years and I’ve said this before too that there’s a certain point till which we will get roles which are expected to narrate a much diversified story line. As an actor I see the script, and all the other normal things. As for my excitement, that’s been dead for quite some time because all the off-track roles, something that offers me adventure but has been done already.”

Mira also revealed to audiences that Ushna is very passionate about direction and both agreed to work together on a production together, and we cannot wait for this project to come out sometime in the near future!