Up Close With Hajra Khan!



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After acting, writing and now classical dance lessons, tell us a little about your journey?

I’ve always wanted to learn classical dancing. However there was no way of accessing or even bringing the word up, nor was it possible to learn due to social restrictions. The best thing about growing up is being able to live life the at your own terms and allowing yourself to create the life you want as an artist.

I’m very glad i found the courage to channel my creativity and wrote my films screenplay. So it has been creatively a very productive year for me. I’m very self critical but i am always learning from my mistakes. Concentrating on my accomplishments more than the shortcoming, i can safely say my plate is full at the moment.  But i can’t complaint. When you were once hungry and now have a full pate one should be grateful and practice gratitude. As an outsider and an outcast in the industry I’m proud to have done it my way and fought it out without compromising on my integrity or authenticity, work is the best revenge and the most rewarding celebration.

Hajra Khan

I see people around me who are too concerned about what others are doing, or how to constantly market themselves. Just focus on yourself , that’s all one should be doing in a positive way, I concentrate on producing work and aspiring to be better each time.

I’m just focused on my career as an artist now, something I wasn’t able to give the dedication for so long. I’m looking forward to my film. Will announce details soon before going on the floor, the dance lessons are primarily a part of prepping for my character.

My Ustaad whom i deeply respect has taught me about life and the beauty in perseverance,  but above all he has taught me humility. He’s so positive and full of a childlike wonder. It is very exciting for pupil to seek that from a mentor.

I’m in avery good place in my life right now. As an artist that’s liberating, and creatively it is a calling for something larger than life, we are and should be messengers of empathy. We are  so privileged that we often take it for granted. To create, to use our gifts which we are uniquely blessed with takes effort and courage. It’s not by any means average or normal nor easy, its chaotic and risky, it’s just that art needs to be celebrated with it’s freedom and passion.