Twitter reacts to Hira Mani’s take on husbands taunting wives about losing weight



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Famed actress Hira Mani and husband Mani recently gave an interview where the actress gave her take on husbands taunting wives about losing weight and Twitterati just couldn’t stop speculating over the actress’s remarks.

In the interview, given to Geo TV the actress shared that recently she had gained a lot of weight and did not have a trainer either. So, it was Mani who came to her aid and helped her shed the extra kilos by monitoring her exercise.  She further joked that along with the training Mani taunting her about her weight was also very effective in the whole process.

She further shared that her desire to lose weight arose when she saw herself on a television show and was shocked to see herself. Mani also joked that Hira also taunts him about his weight and Hira again claimed that it worked to his advantage in keeping fit.

However, the couple’s remarks seemed to have received mixed opinions on Twitterati, where #HiraMani is still trending after the interview. Here are some of the views and opinions people gave regarding Hira ‘s take on the matter.