The struggles of working from home, no one really talks about

Mahrang Anwer

Mahrang Anwer

Working from home is becoming a constant in our newly altered lives. A reality we never thought we would struggle with.

On a normal day, we would really wish for something to happen which would allow us to work from the comfort of our homes. But in practicality, it is much difficult than we thought.

The struggles with the internet

bad internet

Our internet’s are great for downloading unlimited movies but for some strange reason they decide to give up on us when that zoom meeting needs to happen.

Working in bed

in bed

Some days we wake up just in time to shift tabs between Netflix and gmail. Working in our beds seems odd after a few hours when you start dreading and associating your comfortable bed, with work.

The noise and distraction from the family

noise at home

When mom starts blending her tomatoes for lunch while you’re in the middle of a meeting. Or when your cat keeps meowing for more food.

Working around the clock

around the clock

It is difficult to get everyone online at the same time as most of us have chores to do during the day and multitask the office work with it. Those 6 hours could easily turn into 10 hours like no body’s business.

No weekends

no weekends

Th lines between the week and the weekend are little blur when working from home and there’s no count or accountability for the number of hours worked.

As we aren’t accustomed to this new way of living and working, a few simple tips to combat these problems could be; creating a working space at your home and limiting work to that area. Hours can also be allotted and limited, a working schedule can be monitored by the higher ups and work can and should be wrapped up during the week, so you can get some sense of normality in these confusing times!