Getting to know our pet’s better!

Mahrang Anwer

Mahrang Anwer

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Pets are God’s little minions, making our lives a little more bearable.

Bille jean

Our Magazine took a moral high ground way before everyone else started shutting off their offices. Consequently, i have been in quarantine for almost 20 days now. As an independent individual, i was caught off guard with the whole Covid-19 situation. I could have gone back to spend the quarantine with my family in Karachi but before i knew it all flights were suspended and it was absolute mayhem everywhere.

The wise choice was to stay at my studio apartment with my Quarantine buddy ‘Billie Jean’

Billie jean and i have been together for three years. But our bond has become ever so intense during this time. Cats are generally very independent and not clingy. Therefore billie jean would practice a bit of his usual nonchalance but going on for 20 days without as much as a hug, from another human being was taking a toll on me.

Thus, I have become the cling in Billie’s life.

I did however realise so many new things about the cat i have had for three years;

  1. He likes taking naps, sunbathing in the terrace. Which he couldn’t access once i would leave for work.sun bathing catto
  2. He likes to eat sausages, biryani, pasta and french fries. Basically everything i cook, he takes a keen interest in, and would ask for a few bites to judge my culinary skills.
  3. He likes listening to Beethoven, as opposed to Radio Head. What a tasteful cat.
  4. He sleeps for 17 hours and feels no shame and guilt in doing so.
  5. He enjoys his privacy and has declared a cushion in the design room as his territory, while i spend most of my time in my room. We see each other when we need to. Otherwise both of us respect boundaries and personal space.billies cushion
  6. Billie Jean blinks his eyes slowly to express his affection for me. Ofcourse i blink back the same way.
  7. Billie likes to play and burn some calories after dinner where he just wants me to run around him while he sprints through my paints and canvases knocking everything down on his way.

I am sure Billie Jean has his own list of the things he must have learnt about me during quarantine, for instance my newly found interest in dancing like a boxing kangaroo.

Billie and rothkoWe might all be struggling with our time during this lock down. But if we try to see the bright side of it, we can appreciate the blessing in disguise; getting to the know the people, pets, plants and our humble abodes, in a much better way than we already did. Hope you all are receiving just as much love and indifference from your beautiful pets. Stay safe and sane.