Sehri tips to keep you from feeling thirsty while fasting!

With Ramzan 2022 falling in the hot and dry month of April, make sure to stay hydrated.




Having trouble keeping away from a dry mouth this Ramzan? Here, we have for you some tips and tricks that will keep you from feeling thirsty while fasting!

With Ramzan having arrived in the midst of this hot and dry month of April, it is essential to ensure you stay hydrated and these 4 tips will help make the task easy!

  1. Yoghurt is Key

No you don’t need to finish the entire bowl. Even just a few spoons will do the trick. Having yogurt at the end of your Sehri meal, or even a glass of lassi (yoghurt-based drink) can help prevent acidity and soothe your stomach, which will prevent you from getting dehydrated. For years now people have been relying on yogurt to curb their thirst. Hence don’t forget the yoghurt this Ramzan!

      2. Cardamom or Ilaichi can do wonders

Consuming curd with a pinch of elaichi (cardamom) powder after the dawn meal ( Sehri ) can prevent thirst among people who are fasting during Ramzan, according to doctors.

      3. Say NO to tea/coffee during Sehri

Consuming these will cause your throat to feel dry.

      4.Dates Are Not Just For Iftar

Dates are a perfect source of nutrients and are essential for your body. They must not only be taken at Iftar, however, having dates at Sehri will provide fuel to your body as these are packed with whole lots of nutrients and vitamins. To keep going and survive the day, adding 4-5 dates in your Sehri meal will be beneficial.

       5. Take a shower during the day

This will prevent your body from losing excess water.

       6. Drink Barley Sattu

Consuming this drink daily at Sehri/Suhoor quenches thirst, cools the body, and gives instant energy.

       7. Eat water rich Fruits/Vegetables

Fruits that are rich in water content will help you stay healthy as well as keep you hydrated throughout the day. Add cucumbers, tomatoes, oranges, watermelon to your Sehri menu. And try to avoid hot and spicy food such as pickles and savory dishes.

Happy Fasting🌜 May Allah accept our offerings!