People in Tears as Holy Bible Rescued from Burning Church in Faisalabad




It seems as if in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, blasphemy is a one-way street against non-Muslims, after videos emerged of people in tears as pages of the Holy Bible were rescued from a burning church in Jaranwala, Faislabad. Social media users have questioned if this would lead to any blasphemy charges at all?

While we as Muslims openly complain and grieve the biases and prejudices that Muslims are subjected to in many parts of the world, and campaign against movements such as the anti-hijab laws of France, it is deeply saddening to see our own people treating other religious minorities of our country in such a cruel and unjust manner.

Many questioned how causing damage to the Bible, which contains the names of so many of our Muslim Prophets and heroes, will ever be forgiven by Allah!

Others grieved the fact that as Pakistanis, we have by and large failed to safeguard our minorities.

People expressed dismay over the event, recalling the teaching of Muhammad (SAW) the last Prophet of Islam. “Christians are my citizens; and by Allah I hold out against anything that displeases them”, said the Prophet’s (PBUH) Charter of Privileges to Christians.