Parizaad’s latest episode trends on social media as Twitterati share memes



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Hum TV drama ‘Parizaad’ aired its latest episode yesterday, and Twitterati have been singing praises of the drama ever since, appreciating it for its storyline, plot and acting. The #Parizad is currently trending on Twitter as social media users share memes, opinions and their favourite dialogues from the drama online.

The episode covered Pari’s reunion with all the people who were once a very important part of his life, showing many acceptances and apologies. While every single scene seemed to be crafted carefully in order to convey a message, the writer seemed to be making an important point that- “while money does get you acceptance, it does not guarantee inner peace and contentment.”

Netizens shared the dialogue: “Har kamyaabi ka ek khiraaj ada karna parhta hai, mera khiraj apnon se judaai hai”, which has been really popular amongst audiences lately.

Audiences also praised Ahmed Ali Akbar’s acting.

While others related to his character.

Many gave their opinion about the hard earned success of Pari, and the results he reaped from it.

What are your opinions and thoughts on the episode? Let us know in the comments below!