Osman Khalid Butt shares opinion about Bilal Saeed assaulting woman

Shanzay Salman

Shanzay Salman

Features Editor
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Pakistani actor Osman Khalid Butt took to Twitter to share his opinion about the viral video in which singer Bilal Saeed can be seen assaulting a woman.

Before we move onn to Butt’s opinion, take a look at the video:

The video spread like wild fire and Bilal Saeed’s fans and netizens were shocked and disappointed to see his behavior. However, there were some trying to justify Saeed’s physical abuse against a woman and a man, arguing that after all feminism is all about gender equality.

Here’s what OKB had to say as a response to this argument, in a twitter post: “Just so we’re clear, He instigated it. This is physical assault, not meme fodder. Please understand this is not normal behavior; it cannot be condoned or played for a laugh. You don’t hit women. Please, have some decency.”

The actor continued, “You can choose to hate feminist activism, but don’t let that hate spring from ignorance. In plainer words, no, please, this is not what women mean when they’re asking for equal rights.”

However, Bilal also gave an explanation about why he got into the fight saying it was in attempts to protect himself, and also posted a short clip of his home which he said had been vandalized.

Saeed wrote: “When the safety and dignity of a person is violated and jeopardized over and over again, he unfortunately is left with no option but to react”.