‘Main chahti hun k Zehra aur Zaheer kabhi alag na hon’: Hira Mani on #DuaZehra case



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After recent developments in the #DuaZehra case, few would still be willing to consider what went down in the situation to be something of a regular love story. Hira Mani however has other plans on her mind as she shares ‘Main chahti hun k Dua Zehra aur Zaheer kabhi alag na hon.’

The actress further shared in her Instagram story, ‘Allah Taala meri yeh dua zaroor suneinge’.

Hira m

Hira’s take on the issue comes as a bit of a surprise following what has recently been going on in court as part of the case, where police confirmed Zaheer to be involved in kidnapping of 14-year old child Dua as per the latest report.


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Moreover, recent findings also revealed Zaheer and his family to repeatedly have misrepresented and distorted real facts in court. Earlier, media was told that 14 year old Dua Zehra travelled all the way from Punjab to Sindh on her own, by car, and met Zaheer only once she had reached Karachi. The real age of the Dua was also kept hidden alleging that she is 18, instead of being somewhere around 14-15 years old, as proven later through medical reports.