Police finds Zaheer guilty of kidnapping abducted child Dua Zehra




As per police latest progress report dated 16th July, police confirms Zaheer to be involved in kidnapping of 14-year old child Dua Zehra.

The plaintiff lawyer fighting the case from Dua’s parents’ side, Mohammad Jibran Nasir, posted latest updates on police findings in the case, sharing details about the police report submitted in court earlier today.


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Nasir shared that the submitted police report finally informed Court that they got “CDR of Zaheer and on day of abduction i.e. 16th April he was in Karachi. This should’ve been discovered 2 months ago. The kidnapper is forcing child to lie on camera in his favour…” 

Earlier, media was told that 14 year old Dua Zehra travelled all the way from Punjab to Sindh on her own, by car, and met Zaheer only once she had reached Karachi. The real age of the Dua was also kept hidden alleging that she is 18, instead of being somewhere around 14-15 years old, as proven later through medical reports.