Khwaja sira community holds protest in Karachi against violent attacks

“We are all creatures of the Divine Will. Help us overcome these injustices; it is God’s calling”, writes a protestor.



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The Khwaja sira (transgender) community and its supporters recently staged a protest outside the Karachi Press Club , against a recent attack adding on to a string of other targeted attacks and attempted rape cases against the community. The attacks have been carried out by organized crime syndicate -‘Beelas’, who target Khwaja siras, trans-bodies, young boys, carrying out violent sexual attacks on their bodies.

Protestors denounced what they called “the Beela culture” that has existed in Pakistan since the colonial era. Protestors asked that Pakistanis ‘shed the colonial imperialists’ teachings’ that are aimed at erasing out our beautiful native khwaja sira culture and community.

The khwajasira community also used the occasion to remind the Sindh government that it must honor its promise of reserving 0.5 jobs for trans people.


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A post shared by Muhammad Moiz (@unrelentlesslyyours)

 The recent attack

A group of khawajasiras was attacked on September 19 outside birthday celebrations of one of the community members at a farmhouse in Karachi. The attackers particularly stalked and injured Dr Muhammad Moiz, who had been invited to the party as a guest, being a khawajasira supporter and activist. This has not been the first or an uncommon attack against khawajasiras and could have gotten much worse had security not intervened.


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A post shared by Muhammad Moiz (@unrelentlesslyyours)

 The protest

Protestors spoke about raising awareness about deep-rooted injustices faced by the transgender community. “Help us dismantle these structures and create a more just and equitable world for everyone by not being silent bystanders as groups like the Beela network inflict violence on our community”, they asked.

This incident is just another one, adding onto the long list of similar violence and atrocities that beelas have committed against Khwajasiras, they said.

Amongst the demands made by the Khwajasiras were:

1. We demand khwaja siras and other trans-feminine bodies be provided adequate and affordable healthcare and education.
2. We call upon employers to offer khwaja siras respectable and honest employment.
3. We insist that all khwaja siras and other trans-feminine bodies everywhere, around the world be treated with respect and dignity.

They also demanded authorities to bring forth justice demanding “The beelas who attacked Dr. Moiz, and Ms. Firdous must be apprehended and brought forward to face justice within the next week.”

Drop us your comments to show love, solidarity and support for our native Khwajasira community, in the comments section below!🌺