Muhammad Moiz exposes ‘Beelas’, who attempted to gang-rape him



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Pakistani comedian Muhammad Moiz recently made an official video statement against the attempted gang rape by ‘Beelas’, a criminal group, which took place outside his friend’s birthday party on 19th September.

Moiz describes the ‘Beelas’  as being “an organised syndicate in Pakistan with dedicated WhatsApp groups, formal group networks, and open proud declaration that they are a group of men who terrorize and enact violence on khwaja siras, effeminate boys, and use gang rape as a method of enjoying themselves. They have their own names for the many other violent crimes that they do to khwaja sira bodies. ”

The social media influencer stated that the only thing that had saved him the night of 19th September, when the ‘Beelas’ attacked his car, from being gang-raped by 40 criminals or so, was a phone call he had made to his childhood best friend right before his phone had between snatched by the ravagers. Before that, ‘Beelas’ had attacked the car Moiz and his friends were in, were vandalizing the car and threatening Moiz’s friends to hand Moiz over to them.


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 About staying put in his place before police came to his rescue, Moiz said “I fought back for a good 10 minutes and made their attempt to extract me from my car absolutely impossible. My heroines are my adopted family members who stood by me and fought like the warrior queens that our ancestries have made us to be.”

Towards the end of his statement, the drag artist and activist appealed to the public to help overthrow centuries of organized violence perpetrated against the Khwaja sira community and/or ‘effeminate’ boys, by tackling the networks that enable it. “Help us dismantle this network. We will organize a protest soon and we need your attendance and support and coverage – inshAllah if successful we will set a judicial and legal precedent to all such incidents of violence again by declaring it as a specific form of violence on indigenous bodies”, he wrote.