Islam grants excessive rights to women but mostly people don’t know about them: Bushra Ansari on women’s right to divorce




Veteran actress Bushra Ansari recently explained the right of divorce given to women in Islam, highlighting the power, privileges and choice our religion has granted to women, even though people are mostly not aware of it.

Stressing the fact that women have the rights and authority to demand divorce from their spouses in an interview, Bushra shared the example of her own life where she ended her 36 year long marriage through exercising her own right to divorce, given to her by her father at the time of her own marriage.

Bushra shared that she had used her Islamic right to divorce which was given to her by her father at the time of Nikkah. Her father being an intellectual was very religiously progressive even at that time and had educated her regarding the clause concerning women’s right to divorce in Surah An-Nisa.

She added that the right to divorce doesn’t mean that the ladies can divorce their husbands but it means that they can take divorce without condition only if they are granted this right at the time of marriage, that too with the consent of husband’s family.

The actress further talked about our society often wrongly depicts women as being devoid of any power, agency, authority and choice, but that is totally incorrect Islam gives an extremely high stature and position to women.