Bushra Ansari’s comments on cosmetic procedures are actually empowering

This is an opinion article

Abiya Manzoor

Abiya Manzoor

Fashion and Features Editor

The controversy and criticism against cosmetic surgeries on social media is so rampant that it almost sounds as something taboo. However, the increase in cosmetic clinics in every corner of the street shows how much of a demand the procedures have.

Recently, the internet was ablaze with criticizing a certain celebrity getting cosmetic procedures and it looked like as if a sin was committed. High time we realize that women have autonomy over their body and whatever they do for it is their choice. Yes being a celebrity comes with a certain public scrutiny, however making it a fodder for memes is complete unnecessary and wrong.


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Their entire life, women are scaled by the society according to their outwardly beauty, yet when that affects their esteem and translates into them getting procedures the same society lectures them about natural beauty. Enhancing your natural beauty or getting procedures to sustain it, using it in moderation is not wrong at all.

We are so glad that Bushra Ansari in her interview with Maliha Rehman normalized getting ‘support’ at a certain age. She didn’t shy away from telling the cosmetic procedures she went through and we feel empowered to see that getting normalized. We also believe that she was right in saying that one shouldn’t use it so much that it modifies their natural self.

Bushra Ansari highlighted how people have a certain association with her face and she doesn’t want to modify anything so much that it bothers people who have known her for such a long time.

With an increasing improvement in technology associated with cosmetic procedures as well as the increase in verified and approved methods becoming easily available, many people believe that there’s nothing wrong with such procedures. However the increase of such clinics has also increased competition and the prices of such methods differ drastically clinic to clinic. Many people without any proper certifications have also made their way into the market and provide the same procedures in minimal prices.

It is very important to do your research before making measures that affect your physical features and also affect your mental health.