Internet slams trolls for body-shaming Talha Anjum after viral video



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Recently, many supporters of Talha Anjum  from ‘Young Stunners’, came out in his support against internet trolls who were body shaming the rapper for openly challenging a heckler from the crowd to come onstage so Talha could personally settle the matter with him.

The incident took place at Talha Anjum’s live concert after somebody from the crowd threw a ‘bottle’ at him during his performance, and Talha openly invited the heckler onstage saying the security crew members aside, he would deal with the hooligan himself.


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Soon after, the video of the incident went viral as people distastefully took to body shaming the rapper, ridiculing him for simply taking a much needed stance for himself. A song went viral over TikTok and various other internet trolls took to dishonorable ways to bring down the young artist.

Incidentally many supporters, followers and fans of the rapper also came out in his support- sharing tweets about the incident. Many talked about the important need to respect the artist performing on stage for the entertainment of the crowd.

While others pointed out the toxicity in commenting on others’ appearances.

Many others also pointed out the irony of the situation in a humorous manner.

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