How To Make The Most Of The Quarantine Period!

Abiya Manzoor

Abiya Manzoor

Fashion and Features Editor

Have you washed your hands? Yes? then keep scrolling!
Finding productive ways to pass through this rather rough patch is a such a task, who would have thought?
Initially we were all something like this  ↓
However, we thought it’s about time we make a routine, so we’re making a list of stuff that we can all do at home!

Clean Your House!

Take responsibility and do it yourself. It’s the need of the time.

Learn About Your Nation’s Heroes
Read a book friends! Try? No pressure. Reading up on the unsung hereos of our nation, poets, actors, leaders, is a very satisfying way of going about this time. Make the most of it.

Listen to Ali Sethi’s Live Sessions
Something good crops up if you try hard enough, he’s making it easy for us, yay!

Stay at home but….
Staying at home is key but if you know of elderly people around you who are short on  grocery and need to shop then please help them. However, take proper measures before heading out ( mask, gloves, hand sanitizer etc)

Cook Yourself
It’s not a vacation guys, help your momma out, bake something?

Get those abs ready! Details? Click here! Thank us later 🙂

Stay safe, stay healthy and be kind!