What is Hareem Shah doing with Mufti Qavi?!

Ifra Abbas

Ifra Abbas


Mufti Qavi who has been in the spotlight since his selfie came our with (late) Qandeel Baloch who was a social media sensation. Soon after the selfie came out in some inappropriate way, it became a problem for Mufti and he was in hot waters!

After a couple of months, Qandeel Baloch was found dead in her village and first suspect that anyone could think of was of course, Mufti Qavi.  Though he was never proved guilty but people still just cant get over the fact that, Mufti was involved in her murder along with her brothers.

Recently a tiktok star, Hareem Shah is in the news of being linked with the politicians as she has leaked some inappropriate pictures and videos involving some very popular names in the political sphere.

Hareem Shah has just posted a picture with Mufti Qavi, and it has created a havoc on social media and people are just concerned about her life, linking it to Qandeel Baloch’s incident.


Both Qandeel Baloch and Hareem Shah post controversial stuff and have somewhat the same history. Both were married in their early ages which did not go well for them and when they came up on social media, they changed their original names.

When asking Mufti Qavi about the picture with, Hareem Shah, he said that she took a picture with him in the Islamabad market and it was taken before the scandal of Sheikh Rasheed came out.

Now that picture is all over the internet, people, lawyers and some famous celebs are asking for her Hareem Shah’s security and some are really concerned about her life.

People want the government to grant her with proper security as no one wants, Qandeel Baloch’s incident to be repeated!!

Here is what people are tweeting about the picture!




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