Fact Checker: Shahroz Sabzwari’s defense of Sadaf Kanwal’s statement



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Recently actor Shahroz Sabzwari came out in defense of wife Sadaf Kanwal’s views of feminism and marriage in an interview with Samaa TV, where he clarified that he, Sadaf and infact their entire family stands in full support with the oppressed women in Pakistan. However, he expressed doubts about the women’s movement in Pakistan for being well aligned with these intentions, and withdrew support from what he considered to be their motives.

In his interview, Shahroz expressed distaste over people bringing up Sadaf Kanwal’s past and her history, in order to poke fun at her current views saying Allah has kept space for repentance in Islam, and those who try to ridicule others for their past, end up weakening their own case.

He was also of the view that feminism has currently become focused on spreading obscenity in society. In his case against the women’s march, Shahroz also stated that the women had chanted an inappropriate slogan relating to religion.

Meanwhile, soon after the 2021 women’s march, the organizers had issued a statement clarifying that they were not affiliated with any such slogan, and that the entire misunderstanding had arisen because of a fake video circulating on social media. The women had also posted the real video, subtitling the actual slogan in which the word “mullah” had been mistaken for “Allah”, demanding an apology, after the intense social media propaganda spread in relation to the protest. The clarification was posted on the official AM Twitter handle.

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