Ehd e Wafa Came To An End & This is What People Had to Say!



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A Momina Duraid production, drama serial Ehd e Wafa just aired it’s last episode yesterday leaving fans overwhelmed with emotions!

The storyline of Ehd e Wafa centered a group four of high-spirited friends who studied together and are closely knit until misunderstands start to arise, giving birth to envy and negativity amongst the boys leaving them strayed from one another. The drama serial featured a star-studded cast including Ahad Raza Mir, Ahmed Ali, Vaneezah Ahmed, Osman Khalid Butt, Zara Noor Abbas, Alizay Shah, Wahaj Ali, Faraz Yahya and Inam Siddiqui.

Fans took to social media to share their views on the end of the drama serial – here’s what they had to say:

Some even paid touching tributes to the real life heroes who sacrificed their lives for the sake of the nation.

Ehd e Wafa proved to be a patriotic and military-based drama serial which successfully revived the love for motherland among viewers, highlighting and spreading awareness on the intensity of the role played by our military.

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