#CoronaIsNotAJoke is trending on twitter!

Abiya Manzoor

Abiya Manzoor

Fashion and Features Editor

With the lock down restrictions easing relatively, people have started taking the issue less seriously. There are still many businesses that are still failing to implement SOPS and we hardly see people wearing masks on streets. The Prime Minister announced yesterday that Corona cases will peak from June to July which evidently shows us the #CoronaIsNotAJoke. The virus is spreading faster than we can imagine with many countries with the best of health services suffering because of it. As responsible citizens of the country we need to remember that the duty lies upon us, there are many people who could be carrying the disease, hence it’s  must that we maintain social distance, stay at home and protect our friends and families. This hashtag has also been trending on twitter. Let’s see how twitter has been preaching the right thing.


While the symptoms for the virus have been made clear by various sources we need to remember that there are many people who could be carrying the disease without even knowing it, Hence stay safe and try to stay home as much as possible- #CoronaIsNotAJoke.
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