Five Weird Yet Funny Activities To Keep Yourself Entertained During Quarantine!

Abiya Manzoor

Abiya Manzoor

Fashion and Features Editor

Quarantine is making us do weird things!!Is it just us or are others feeling it too? According to our gram feeds, thankfully it’s not just us. Various celebrities can be seen doing all sorts of funny challenges and we’re all here for it. Inspired by them we thought we’d compile some activities to help you lift up your spirits.

Become A Nose Artist
This instagram filter asks you to draw something in a limited amount of time. The funny part? You have to draw with your nose!!!

Dance it Out
Washing hands for 20 seconds but making it fun. Mansha Pasha grooving on the beats of Disco Deewane while washing hands is such a mood!

Do The Switch Challenge
Be it your husband or your mom, this challenge will leave you in fits.

Get those Bangs Gurl!
Quarantine is all about making those daring choices….I guess!

Get Wacky!
Learn from the best, Shaneira Akram goofying around with hubby! What fun!

What activities are keeping you busy during quarantine? Do let us know in the comments sections. We’re all for having a little bit of fun when the world pulls us down!
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