BTS Songs & Edits To Start Off The Day!

Abiya Manzoor

Abiya Manzoor

Fashion and Features Editor
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Bangtan Soneyondan also knows as BTS is a favorite among teenagers and even older people when it comes to listening to Pop songs. BTS are known for their high spirited songs with killer choreography and most importantly for singing songs that make you love yourself. Apart from singing to fully crowded stadiums, BTS has a fan base for each and every individual that makes up the band mainly because of  their humble and quirky nature. Today we’ve compiled all the favorite songs of BTS we’d like to start our day with.

First up we have:
This one will substitute for your coffee intake, the glaring choreography coupled with upbeat music will make you spring from your bed.

Boy with Luv ( feat Halsey)
This one will become your anthem, oh yeah oh yeah!

Cant stop me loving myself- This one will make you start off the week on an upscale note and will also boost your mood.

Spring Day
A little calm and a little breezy, puts you in the mood to get the job done.

This one’s the song when you have the writers block and get stuck writing that report.

In case you want to watch something upbeat which is more Eastern then these edits will lighten up your day.
BTS x Chunnari Chunnari
BTS x Devdas
BTS x Ishq Kameena
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