5 Pakistani songs to swipe left your Monday Blues!

Abiya Manzoor

Abiya Manzoor

Fashion and Features Editor

It’s Monday! Sigh. However, this also means that this day is going to set our pace for the rest of our week. Given our amazing music industry is doing great work globally, they have also dawned upon us as our Monday life savers.
We present five Pakistani songs that will get you in the groove and swipe left your Monday blues.

1) Dosti by Zohaib Hassan

While nobody can deny the authentic charm of the original, this newer version is more peppy and coming of age interpretation of the old classic. While you may feel a little nostalgic, soon nothing will stop you get to get into the party mode. We bet!

2) Haye Dil Bechara by Jimmy Khan

This has to be everyone’s favorite song this season. Jimmy Khan really experimented with this song and we can’t help but love it. We clearly know this is going to be the wedding anthem of the year. Wedding season here we come…. but for now see ya later Monday blues.

3) Tinak Dhin by Ali Sethi, Ali Hamza and Waqar Ehsin

With the power trio at it, this song proves to be an audio treat for all music lovers. Seeing Ali Sethi venture out in this genre is something we really appreciate and can’t wait to see more of it. Ali Hamza and Waqar Ehsin really ace the notes and basically kill it. On repeat fellas!

4) Shakar Wandaan by Asrar Shah
Upbeat and joyful and truly dance worthy- we dare you not to dance your heart out on this one! You’ll fail. This one is light, bright and breezy. Not to forget a lot of fun. You can either love it or… love it?

5) Manwa Re by Ali Noor (Strepsils Stereo)

The original is a classic but this revamped version which has no music instruments at all but only some serious beat boxing skills has really made us awestruck. How? How is it so in tune without any instruments and at the same time super upbeat. Hear it to believe us. Thank us later!

Which one of these Pakistani Songs do you love the most?