Atif Aslam wins hearts with ‘Kadi Te Has Bol’



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Atif Aslam never disappoints, does he? The Aadat singer put his spin on the classic track ‘Kadi Te Has Bol’ and people are overjoyed!

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The singer executed the track with complete justice by bringing his versatility and amazing vocals in perfect harmony with the upbeat theme of the song. The song was composed by Ahsan Pervaiz.

The popular track has been given many renditions over the years by big names both nationally and internationally – seeing Atif Aslam add to the list was just cherry on top and all Atif Aslam fans’ dream come true!

Fans had high expectations and Atif Aslam did not hold back from bringing them complete joy.

Here’s how social media is reacting to the rendition:

Twitter is clearly crying tears of joy as the Twitterati approve Atif’s track with a big thumbs up. The groovy track is surely about to take over everyone’s playlists by a storm as it has already begun to trend on social media platforms.

Watch the music video below:

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