‘After my first video went viral, I was scolded at home’: Nasir Khan Jan talks fame & family




Social media sensation Nasir Khan Jan recently appeared on morning show queen Nida Yasir’s show and opened up about his viral videos and how they ended up changing his life, his marriage and family’s reaction to his fame.

Jan recalled his journey saying initially he would be on his phone 24/7, in the craze of looking for a job abroad, as he had planned moving to another country incase of being unable to settle in Pakistan. “I’d send emails back and forth to move out of Pakistan. I started networking and made friends around the world. In the process, I also started content creation.”


Upon being asked about his family’s initial reaction to his videos, Jan said “So, after my first video went viral, I was scolded at home. My family wasn’t happy.” He said he did not understand his family’s reaction as all he had been trying to do was send out a “positive” message, he said. However, he did not let the negativity put him down and kept doing what he set out to do.

About the nature of his viral content and the feedback he got, Jan shared “But the online reaction was harsh too. Thankfully, most of it was funny. It was the people who made my videos funny, they weren’t supposed to be funny. I became a meme and everyone laughed. I decided then that I’ll keep making serious content and let people find the joke. I also became stubborn about it. I said, ‘I’ll listen to everyone but I’ll do what my heart says.’”