Twitter reacts to Nasir Khan Jan’s engagement news!




Social media sensation Nasir Khan Jan recently announced the news of his engagement via a tweet. The tweet read, “Finally I’m engaged. Alhamdulilah My life partner is very nice and well educated. Nikah will be next week. I invited to all of my fans and all media channels. Welcome.”

The tweet took the social media by storm, essentially because it was so out of the blue and least expected. He announced that his nuptials will be held in the coming week and that his fiance is apparently ‘very nice and well educated.”

What a sweet thing to say about your spouse-to-be!

Here’s how Twitter is reacting to the news:

Nasir Khan Jan has been heavily trolled in the past for his content and comedy displayed in his videos. With more than 61K followers, Nasir Khan Jan has done everything he possibly could to get laughs out of his audience. From funny birthday wishes to beauty tips, he had left no stone unturned.

Its truly wonderful to see people sending their heartiest congratulations and best wishes to the social media star who made them laugh in the wee hours of the night as he embarks on life’s new journey. However, some people on the other hand never learn and continued to troll him as a response to the announcement.

We extend our hearties congratulations to Nasir Khan Jan on his engagement and send him best wishes!