‘A girl comes leaving her home behind, so I’m not ever going to consider second marriage’: Shoaib Akhtar




Pakistan cricketing legend Shoaib Akhtar recently shared his views on second marriages, saying that while Islam does allow them, he has never considered getting married a second time because a girl comes leaves her home behind, so the husband should always be loyal, kind and caring toward her.

He said that while Islam may allow more tha one marriage under circumstances, but he feels that a man should stick to one marriage. Adding that everyone has to die one day and he doesn’t want to hurt anyone. He said he never preaches to his wife, neither has he ever restricted her from anything. Instead he tries to be as strong in character as possible himself, and be an inspiration for her.

Shoaib Akhtar also mentioned that while he considers himself open-minded, his wife is more traditional in her beliefs. He respects her desire to stay away from the media, which is why she never accompanies him to any interviews and shows and he avoids posting pictures of his family.

The fast bowler talked about future financial projects aswell saying while he has set his goals to being a billionaire, earning excessive money and assets he is also determined to earn that money in a halal and honest manner, because he has always relied on Allah for everything.

We reallly enjoyed the international cricketing star’s podcast and found his views on family, life and career to be highly inspirational. Hoping for more from his end💥