Shoaib Akhtar opens up about the secret behind his trailblazing success




Shoaib Akhtar recently appeared in a live interview where the former world’s fastest bowler opened up about what he believed was the secret behind his trailblazing success in life. Akhtar has earned worldwide acclaim not only in the cricketing world, but also as a host, commentator and book author.

Talking at length about his career and fame, Shoaib sent out a message to all his young fans and followers saying if they want to attain success in their endeavors and be respected in this world, they should serve their parents to their utmost capacities. He further said he had observed this trait in the most famous and successful of people all around the world, naming Bollywood superstar Salman Khan as being one of them.

 He further said that after his retirement he became a driver to his mother, every single day for 11 years he would drive her around 3-4 hours everyday and would make sure to spend time with her. He said this was for the youngsters of today, who should understand the presence of parents as being a ‘blessing’.

Building further on this he said he had observed the same thing in Salman Khan also, who behaves no less than a servant when in the presence of his parents and God has given him all the success in the world for that!

Akhtar further shared with the show host that he has inherited his mother’s genes, who had been a sprinter in her youth , loved to jump and used to throw pebbles across hills very fast. The cricketing legend’s mother passed away in December last year.