“A designer said that we have sold ourselves to this agenda”: Muneeb Butt




Actor Muneeb Butt recently expressed his disappointment over the remarks of a designer who claimed that the actors involved in a recent drama production had sold their souls. The remarks seemed to be directed at Muneeb’s recent role in drama Sar-e-Raah where he plays an intersex character.

The actor expressed disappointment over how people were so quick to brand others as working by some “agenda” or as “anti-muslim”, based on a single clip, without even bothering to look at the script in its entirety. He clarified that he had throroughly examined the script and content before signing for the project, and had only agreed to it because he personally found nothing in it, that may be considered contrary to Islamic teachings.


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Although Muneeb did not name anyone it is clear that he was referring to the recent remarks of famed designer Maria B. B. posted a teaser for the television drama “Sar-e-Rah”, claiming that it is pushing the ‘transgender agenda’ and the people involved in the project had only done so because they had sold their souls.


The criticism came after a recent episode of the drama featured Muneeb Butt as an intersex individual and how his father, Nabeel Zafar, is very sensitive to his situation and therefore helps him get somewhere in life. However, the clip from the drama was made viral out of context, and it was made to look like Nabeel is teaching the child trans values.