Muneeb Butt calls out the claims that he encourages women to fear that their husbands might find a second wife

“I am a husband my self and love my wife and she loves me , thats the basic pillar of our relationship.”

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal

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Muneeb Butt and Nida Yasir were criticized by social media yesterday when a clip of their interview together went viral yesterday where the actor said that women must pamper and care for their husbands incase they went and did a second marriage without telling them.

“This is the type of fear women must have” said Muneeb Butt “Which is why they must pamper and take care of their husbands in case they go and get a second marriage behind their backs.”

The actor today responded to these claims and criticized the mainstream media for twisting the words out of context when in fact this was a joke. Muneeb shared the clip on his Instagram account where he clarified that his words were misinterpreted to be taken seriously

“This is the clip that is misintrepeted by a few publication, this was not a serious conversations as seen we were joking and i sarcastically joked that you should be scared and pamper your husband even more. Picking a clip and using it in a different context to malign my character is not journalism.
I do not think women should live under a constant fear that their husband will leave them. I am a husband my self and love my wife and she loves me , thats the basic pillar of our relationship.
I would request all the pages sharing these clips to do their basic fact checks then spread such negative content.”


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