YouTuber Nadir Ali receives flak for mocking Mohammad Rizwan




YouTuber Nadir Ali received social media flak for mocking Pakistani cricketer Mohammad Rizwan, after a video clip surfaced featuring cricketing stars Sarfaraz Ahmed, Rizwan with Ali.

The clip showed the podcast host poking fun at Mohammad Rizwan saying “Rizwan chakkay nahin maar sakta” (Rizwan cannot hit sixers). Meanwhile, Rizwan seemed to be a bit uncomfortable by Ali’s joke in the clip.

The video and Nadir Ali’s distasteful humor did not go down with social media users who took to Twitter to call out the podcast host for disrespecting the cricketing hero.

While many fans were also unhappy with Sarfrz Ahmed’s response who seemed to be laughing in the video, many came to his rescue, defending him by explaining that he had actually ignored Nadir Ali’s unpleasant humor.

Many other fans were furious and called out Nadir Ali for his ‘problematic content’ saying he’s constantly spreading hate through his platform.